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Our Specialties

Wild Geese Counseling Collective is a hyper-inclusive team that emphasizes the human aspect of healing: the connection and exploration of the self in the safest context. Wild Geese Counseling Co. was formed by the desire to explore and accept all of the micro and macro aspects that make you who you are, both as an individual and in the context of the world at large. No matter the stories you bring or the thoughts you battle, we are here to accept you and help you grow in compassion for all that you are.


Below are the areas of expertise that we offer, however, our therapists are actively seeking training in additional forms of therapy - please do not hesitate to reach out if your specific area of interest is not listed. 

Trauma-Informed Therapy

Trauma-informed therapy is different from other forms of therapy.  This method considers your unique story and recognizes that sometimes anxiety, depression, and other forms of emotional disturbance are actually the symptoms of trauma. We work with our clients to not only resolve the symptoms, but also to identify and treat any underlying issues.

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR is a way to process trauma that doesn't rely on talk therapy alone. It works to rewire the brain and desensitize painful memories/decrease negative intrusive thoughts.
EMDR is quantitative and holistic in that it measures progress over time and merges thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations related to a traumatic memory. It is important to note that this therapy can be quite intensive.

Neurodiversity Affirming Therapy & Coaching

Wild Geese Counseling Co. values neurodiversity in all humans and commits to providing affirming support to and for neurodivergent individuals. The neurodiversity paradigm views neurotypes such as autism, attention differences, and mental illness as naturally occurring variants in human neurology and thus part of our shared human experience. We work to destigmatize and depathologize cognitive and sensory differences while helping clients get to know themselves and advocate for their needs. 

Gender & LGBTQ+ Affirming Care

Gender and LGBTQ+ affirming care is acceptance of how an individual identifies both through gender and sexuality. We validate possible new identities being integrated, offer kink-friendly spaces, and psycho-educate those seeking additional information. Through affirming care, we explore societal discrimination (heterosexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, etc.) against these marginalized groups and how an individual may possibly be affected in their personal lives. Additionally, we explore safe supports/communities for individuals in need.

Domestic/Intimate Partner Violence Recovery

The definition of Intimate Partner Violence is: "An intentional pattern of behavior one uses to gain & maintain power and control over a person with whom they are in a relationship or were previously in a relationship, also known as Domestic Violence" - as per, Denton Co. Friends of the Family (DCFOF). Through IPV Recovery, we psychoeducate victims/survivors (it's important to use both identities for people affected by violence) on patterns of abuse of power and control to help them to process through painful memories and heal. Build self-esteem, identify patterns, and establish boundaries through IPV Recovery.

Grief & Loss Counseling

The journey through grief and loss can be unpredictable and disorienting. Grief and loss counseling gives space for you to explore the doubt and pain of loss with no expectation or judgement. We seek not to eliminate grief, but to understand it and honor its part in your life.  

Child & Adolescent Friendly

With developmentally appropriate interventions, our clinicians bring their expertise to help you and your child find new, adaptable ways to express emotions and communicate effectively. We seek to consider your child's individual personality and family context to offer solutions to behavioral or emotional barriers. 

Faith Deconstruction & Spiritual Recovery Counseling

Reconsidering the faith you inherited can be a lonely journey. With a nonjudgemental, non-biased approach,  faith deconstruction and spiritual recovery counseling holds space for grief and growth. Our focus prioritizes spiritual and psychological healing in tandem with specific attention to shame, fear, and isolation. 


Humans are designed for connection, but sometimes our immediate contexts— our geographic spaces, our identities, or our life experiences— make it difficult to build the kind of community we crave. Groups can be an incredible, affirming way to create relationships and practice vulnerability in a therapeutic context. Wild Geese Counseling Co. offers a variety of virtual processing and support groups for collective healing and community building. 

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