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Humans are designed for connection, but sometimes our immediate contexts— our geographic spaces, our identities, or our life experiences— make it difficult to build the kind of community we crave. Groups can be an incredible, affirming way to create relationships and practice vulnerability in a therapeutic context. Wild Geese Counseling Co. offers a variety of virtual processing and support groups for collective healing and community building. Find one you're interested in? Reach out to learn more. 

Creative Writing Process Group

First Sundays / 7 pm CT / Virtual / $25 per session 

A group for writers, readers, and the curious to share and listen to the vulnerable creativity of others in a therapeutic environment.

* Led by Maddie Nutt & Nikki Thompson

Relationship Diversity Group

Second Mondays / 7 pm CT / Virtual / $25 per session

A group for anyone existing, practicing, or exploring outside of the bounds of vanilla monogamy.

* Led by Ley David Elliette Cray

Dungeons & Dragons Groups

7 pm CT / Virtual / $30 per session or $150 upfront

A 6-session group using table-top roleplaying games (TTRGs) to explore identities, work through existential struggles, and practice techniques that aid in your growth and flourishing. 

* Led by Ley David Elliette Cray, educator, coach, and certified Therapeutic Game Master

Trauma Processing Group

To Be Announced / Virtual / $25 per session

A group for individuals with the desire to move past trauma alongside others doing the same.

* Led by Maddie Nutt & Adilah Zafor

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